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Registered in 2017, rZamba is a Kargil-based charitable trust that was co-founded by five friends, Saldon Sal, Syed Murtaza Agha, Fayaz Ali, Ali Asgar and Marzia Bano, who wanted to contribute and bring about a change in state of education, health, and waste management in Kargil. rZamba means ‘bridge’ in the Balti language and the organization has been striving to become a bridge of growth and change between people, resources, systems and the community as a whole.

In 2017, rZamba started an initiative of building toilets and spreading awareness about health and sanitation for girls in schools. During these interactions, rZamba recognized much larger and deeper problems in the education system including lack of literacy, low pass percentage, low self-esteem among students, lack of efficient school staff, among others. This encouraged rZamba to kick start the School Transformation Program in 2019 that is meant to improve the quality of school education in Kargil.

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